Eliezer's latest book, L'Chaim! Pictures to Evoke Memories of Jewish Life, is the second in a series of adult picture books designed for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Dedicated to his father Max, who suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury, L'Chaim! is designed specifically for Jewish people with memory loss.


Eliezer wrote the first book in the series, Blue Sky, White Clouds: A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults, for his mother, currently in her 16th+ year of Alzheimer's disease. Both books contain artful and realistic photographs along with easy-to-read captions in large print, requiring no memory to turn the page!

While serving in his capacity as an amateur human being over the years, Eliezer Sobel, 64, divided his time between the creative life — writing, painting, playing music, performing, teaching — and the life of the spiritual aspirant — suffering, seeking, striving, sitting and silence. The sordid details of that journey are chronicled in his book, The 99th Monkey: A Spirtual Journalist's Misadventures with Gurus, Messahs, Sex, Psychedelics and Other Consciousness-Raising Experiments.

Eliezer’s two paths merged at one point in the form of the Wild Heart Journal: “Art, Creativity & Spiritual Life,” for which he served as publisher and editor for five years, through 2003. The magazine developed from his book, Wild Heart Dancing: A Personal One-Day Quest to Liberate the Artist and Lover Within, which in turn grew out of intensive creativity workshops he led for many years at Esalen Institute and around the U.S., which also incorporated his work as a certified teacher of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms™® movement practice.

Minyan: Ten Jewish Men in A World That is Heartbroken, Sobel’s award-winning first novel, was shuffled between multiple agents and accumulated rejection slips for nearly 15 years. (See First Novel Blues.) Then, in a coincidental and staggering wave of encouragement from the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, of all places, the Knoxville Writer’s Guild gave Minyan the 2003 Peter Taylor Prize for the Novel, and only weeks later Knoxville’s New Millenium Writings awarded Mordecai’s Book, loosely excerpted from Minyan, its 2003 First Prize for short fiction. Together with his friend and fellow writer Slash Coleman, portions of Minyan evolved into a two-man stage play, Narrow Bridge, about two men growing up as second generation survivors of the Holocaust.

Eliezer blogs for Psychology Today and has published articles, short stories and poetry in Tikkun, Yoga Journal, Quest Magazine, Inner Directions, Magical Blend, New Age Journal, Mudfish, the Village Voice, Epoch, Zeek, The Hook, The Journal of Pastoral Care, The Minetta Review, the Widow, and others. He also served as the Associate Publisher and Editor of The New Sun magazine in the late 70s.

Eliezer Sobel lives in Red Bank, New Jersey with his wife, Shari Cordon. Their cats, the late Peanut and Plum, passed on to their next cat-life several years ago; Squarcialupi is alive and well, but has been squatting at Shari's father's house for the last 3 years.

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