Blue Sky, White Clouds
A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults (Book I of a Series)
published by Rainbow Ridge Books

Although there are more than 20,000 books available for caregivers, this is one of the first books for Alzheimer's patients. It is dedicated to the author's mother.

Eliezer came upon the idea of creating simple picture books for dementia patients when he discovered that his mother could still read short phrases in big print, long after the rest of her language skills had evaporated.


Pictures to Evoke Memories of Jewish Life (Book 2 of a Series)
published by Rainbow Ridge Books

The latest in Eliezer's series of simple and beautiful picture books designed for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. L'Chaim! was created specifically for Jewish people with memory loss.

  Why I Am Not Enlightened
published by Reality Sandwich Singles

Enlightenment is not for the faint of heart, or as Eliezer Sobel makes clear, for those without a sense of humor. Why I Am Not Enlightened is a penetrating, insightful, and — above all — genuinely funny meditation on the quest for gnosis and its discontents.

Where does the spiritual path take us? What does “enlightenment” mean, really? In this concise recounting of his personal journey along the highways and byways of the spiritual search, Eliezer pursues these questions while calling on 30 years of study with a remarkable array of teachers, gurus, shamans, healers, channelers, yogis, and more.

The 99th Monkey
published by Santa Monica Press

Novelist, publisher and editor Sobel does a fine job making his 30-year quest for spiritual awakening widely identifiable with a funny, clear-eyed account that takes readers around the world and through a gauntlet of gurus, shamans, workshops and retreats, not to mention sex and drugs (legal and otherwise). Sobel's twin assets are his willingness and his sense of humor, both apparent from the start in his encounter with a guru named Ram Dass, whose first instruction to Sobel is to take off his pants (“So I did”).

— from Publisher's Weekly

published by the University of Tennessee Press

One of my marketing approaches for Minyan was to send the following postcard to about 125 Jewish newspapers and magazines:

Dear Mr. Big Shot Editor,

What, it would kill you to review my son's book? Such a writer he is, I can't begin to tell you. It won a fancy literary prize no less. You want a copy, drop him an e-mail already, I'm not getting any younger. What, it would hurt to give a mother a little nachas?

Mrs. Sobel

  Wild Heart Dancing
published by Simon & Schuster / Fireside

“Hip, wise, zany, and Zen, Eliezer is a delightful guide through the creative process and its healing power.”

— Gabrielle Roth, author of Sweat Your Prayers


I'm a Real Artist children's book series
published as a series of articles in Wild Heart Journal

  Wild Heart Journal published a series of articles intended to encourage creativity in children, under the umbrella, “I’m a Real Artist,” which also included “I’m a Real Dancer,” “I’m a Real Singer,” “I’m a Real Writer,” and “I’m a Real Cook.” The idea was to rail against the notion I had struggled with my whole life, waiting for the world to acknowledge and legitimize my identity as a writer, rather than simply writing to write, or writing because, as the series conveyed, each and every one of us has a unique voice of authenticity and originality worthy of expression.
  Manual of Good Luck
published in a Brooklyn basement

Towards the end of my tenure as Editor-in-Chief of The New Sun, I received a call from a man in Brooklyn looking for a writer. He sold mail-order how-to books that he published in his basement on an old press, and advertised through the classifieds in the National Enquirer. He had just run an ad, as a test, for a book that didn't yet exist, and received thousands of orders.

The ad he ran said something like this:

"Change Your Luck Overnight:
Send for Free Introductory Material!"

So he needed someone to write a book for him very quickly. I took it on.

  November Under My Sole
with Harry Sobel

I began my first novel in seventh grade. It opened with a description of a solitary, male figure on a hillside, gazing out at the sea. He was wearing sandals. That was about as far as I got in terms of character and plot development before the narrative spontaneously evolved into an entertaining discussion of my sock drawer, and how my older brother Harry used to irritate me by opening it without my permission, and helping himself to my socks.

unpublished in Florida — and countless other locations

Inspired by my terrifying years spent on the playground of Warren Point School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, I salvaged many of the childhood sequences from Playground for inclusion in Minyan, connecting each kid from the former to one of the adults in the latter. Playground featured the same protagonist, Norbert Wilner, and many of the same characters — as does virtually every piece of fiction I’ve ever written.

  Creativity and the Mystical Vision
the Wild Heart Interviews

I published the Wild Heart Journal for five years, ending it in early 2004 due to my inability to make it financially solvent. It was a beautiful publication (thanks to my graphic designer in New Zealand, Lesley Maclean), treasured by its small but faithful readership. Devoted to “Art, Creativity & Spiritual Life,” it afforded me the opportunity to celebrate the lives and works of those people — known and unknown — for whom the creative process served as their principle spiritual path. This as-yet-unpublished book collects five year’s worth of interviews, interspersed with my musings on creativity. Included are Alex Grey, Krishna Das, Natalie Goldberg, Gabrielle Roth, Andrew Harvey, Jai Uttal, John Daido Loori and many others.