open your voice and heart through song, dance and creativity — and set your wild heart free  
  “Of all the workshops that I have done (and I've done a lot) none has been more powerful [than eliezer's]. Combining the reclaiming of our birthright as singing beings with 5rhythms movement yields an experience that is uniquely growthful and healing. I've done this workshop three times and each time has been absolutely, amazingly, wonderful.”

— Rob Wolman

  “Eliezer's sound/ movement workshop opens the gate to a deeper/wider cycle of life experience. Breath moving sound, moving body, moving sound, moving spirit.”

— Carol Capolungo

  “When breaking through what has appeared as a deep barrier in one’s life feels like a natural, almost easy process, it is clearly the real thing. Eliezer’s guidance through the process felt respectful, perceptive and wildly creative. This workshop is a rare gem, brimming with spirit and life.”

— Elif Kendril


  I feel like I got back a sense of validity, for lack of a better word — a sense that I belong in the world, that I have a place in it, and that it is safe to be seen. It feels awesome! With this has come a great feeling of aliveness and JOY. Today I noticed that even food tastes better! And it is so much easier for me to concentrate on my day-to-day job, which had been feeling so boring and pointless to me. I think, in a word, the workshop brought me back into alignment with my soul. I am so grateful to you. And I look forward to singing and dancing with you again!”

— Ann Benvenuto


  “The work you did with us combining the 5Rs with the voice practice was amazing and transformative! It was so powerful to see how you worked with each of us individually in guiding us to show ourselves from the heart. You are talented and gifted in what you do!!! I found it very moving, and really got a sense of what it feels like to go through the feelings to free up my voice. I had a sense of connection with my voice that I have not felt before when it began to come from deep inside freed up from some of the fear and other emotions.”

— Cheryl Tarash


“The experience over this weekend with you and the group was one one of the most exciting and pleasurable experiences I've ever had. I came to see myself in a new way — creative, joyful, and free!  I am celebrating the deep presence I feel with myself and others, the sense of embodiment I have come to have after many years of being "out of my body", and the workshop really highlighted this for me. Also, I have always shied away from groups, and I was excited to notice my ease and excitement with all of the creative collaboration we did with our bodies and voices. I think this was in large part to your loving facilitation and skill in creating a safe environment. The song piece was transformative for me, and it was an honor to witness the others, and the amazing, intuitive way in which you helped each of us move into a new relationship with ourselves and our songs.”

— Coco Rosenblatt-Farrel


The experience of witnessing others as they vocalized and danced through the rhythms was profound. Thinking of the voice as another part of the body that can be moved through space was new and freeing. I really experienced a wonderful sense of openness as I danced the rhythms and vocalized. Watching you guide others to fully express their voice was incredibly moving. I am looking forward to participating in this again, and I know the experience has changed my approach to the dance.

— Deborah Norton

“Eliezer's loving and kind presence enables the practice of connecting with others in voice and dance to be a deeply moving experience.”

 — Jessica Blurton

“The workshop was transformative. Eliezer intuitively created opportunities for me to explore my edges in a loving, supportive and safe space. I left feeling my voice is yet another tool to help me open my heart.”

— Mimi Steele

“Eliezer's sensitivity and use of 5rhythms taps into our hearts through our voices, leading to letting go of things that hold us back from being the full beautiful beings we are. this is an experience everyone deserves to open to.”

— Katie Geddes

“What amazed me the most was Eliezer's therapeutic response to each of the needs of the participants. We didn't know what we needed, but he did. Each one was different, each one was helped. And afterwards, he thanked me for my support! That's crazy!”

— Maryann Weber