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“I think that your book, especially if it stimulates reminiscence, will be valuable to dementia patients and relatively novel. I support your book.”

Ralph A. Nixon, MD, PhD— Professor of Psychiatryand Cell Biology

— Director of Researchand the Center for Dementia Research,
Nathan Kline Institute

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Writing Books 99th Heading
A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults
Book I of a Series

In spending time with his 86-year-old mother in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, Eliezer Sobel discovered something astounding: even though she was no longer able to string together even two words in a row that made any sense, the fact remained that she could still read! Although she couldn’t follow or “track” the storylines or even consecutive sentences of books or newspapers, she nevertheless continued to sit with rapt attention and flip through magazines and coffee-table books, reading aloud the words in big print and commenting on the photographs.

Over five million people in the United States currently suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, and while there are more than 20,000 books available to aid the caregiver, until now there have been virtually no books for Alzheimer’s patients. Blue Sky, White Clouds is a very simple picture book for these patients with easy-to-read, short phrases in large, bold print, illustrated by photographs of people, nature, and everyday objects.

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Manya Sobel, Blue Sky, White Clouds’ inspiration

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